Tyres & Wheel Alignment

Your tyres are the only thing between you and the road - so you want them in good shape.

Tyres aren’t important just for your safety, they also have an impact on the amount of fuel you use. Under-inflated tyres use more fuel, but overinflate them and you’ll have problems with handling and wear, not to mention the risk of a blowout.

All our vehicle servicing includes tyre checks, to make sure that you’ve got the right amount of tread to stay on the road and that you’re using the right type of tyres for your car.

To make sure that your tyres wear evenly, plus extend the life of your car, we provide expert wheel alignments. We use modern laser technology for this, which can also show up any suspension or steering problems.

You might need a wheel alignment if you’re experiencing:

  • steering wheel vibration
  • the car pulling to one side
  • difficulty turning the steering wheel
  • uneven tyre wear on one side
  • flat spots on your tyre

Keeping your tyres in good condition comes with a huge range of benefits for your safety, the health of your vehicle, and your fuel consumption.

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