Oil Change

Any engine will run better with clean, fresh oil to lubricate it. And owners who regularly change their oil will have their vehicle for longer.

Regular oil changes are a fact of life when you own a vehicle. They’re not about how many kilometres you drive – even cars that are never driven still need a regular flush and replacement. If oil is left in an engine too long becomes thick and sticky, and accumulates debris that will wear down the engine.

For your oil change, the mechanics at MSC will flush your engine to clear out the gunge and allow the fresh oil to flow freely. Then we replace your oil with top-quality engine oil, chosen depending on what’s best for your particular vehicle.

As a guide, we recommend an oil change at least every 6 months or 10,000km, and we can do it as part of a regularly scheduled service or on its own.

Why not ask to be sent a reminder when it’s time for your next one?

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