Car Battery

Don't let a faulty battery leave you stranded at the side of the road - it's one of the easiest types of vehicle maintenance.

The key thing to know about car batteries is that cheap batteries aren’t worth the hassle. They don’t last the distance, and they’re more likely to fail when you least expect it.

So at MSC, we only stock quality batteries with a long lifespan. All our batteries come with a 3-year warranty to give you peace of mind.

When was your battery last replaced? Signs that it’s time include:

  • your car is hard to start
  • it goes flat quickly when you use electronics like your CD player

If you’re not sure, help is at hand – we can test the battery and tell you how much life it has left, especially helpful for a prospective purchase.

We have a team of battery-trained technicians who will be only too happy to talk about batteries and help you choose one that’s right for your vehicle.

For more information or to make a booking, contact Melville Service Centre today on:

07-843 4292