Clutch Repairs

How old is your clutch? If you're finding it slipping or worn, it might be time for a quick adjustment to avoid more costly problems later on.

Depending on the way you drive, you can expect to get somewhere between 4 to 7 years out of your clutch. Drivers who ride the clutch can expect the lower end of this, because by keeping the clutch partially disengaged causes faster wear.

Roadside assistant vehicles are quite used to callouts thanks to slipping or worn clutches – clutch failure can damage the flywheel, and that adds to an already serious problem.

How can you spot potential problems with your clutch? You might notice:

  • shuddering when taking off
  • gear changing problems
  • noisy gear shifts
  • lessened response from your clutch pedal
  • high revs when going uphill, or when taking off from a stop

The Melville Service Centre team are experienced in diagnosing clutch problems and fixing them.

We can service your clutch by checking the play in your clutch cable and adjusting it if we need to – this takes less than 10 minutes so it’s quick and easy vehicle maintenance. We’ll also check the clutch fluid and road test your vehicle.

If it turns out your clutch needs bigger repairs, we can also diagnose these and make the necessary repairs or replacements to get your vehicle running again.

For more information or to make a booking, contact Melville Service Centre today on:

07-843 4292